Invisible Agony

By Phoebe Penni (‘24)

“You do not look sick,” 
That is what they say. 
The idea doesn’t seem to stick, 
I always feel this way.

Every second I’m in pain 
Broken from exhaustion.
They think this is a lying game 
So I tell them with caution.

I worry they might not believe 
My pain, my suffering. 
I’m not trying to deceive, 
Just seeking understanding.

“You’re too young to feel like this,” 
Thanks, I’ll let my body know 
That for the pain I try to dismiss 
My age is much too low.

Invisible my battle rages, 
The days pass silently, 
But inside my head are all the cages 
Trapping me violently.

If only you could hear 
All the screaming in my head. 
The never-coming tears, 
As I lie in agony in bed

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