Wilting Rose

By Rosa De Martinis (‘22)

You watched me take my first breath,
I witnessed you taking your last. 
Even though you’re not here,
I sometimes still feel the bond we had.
My treasured friend, advocate and beloved

Looking at you was just a reflection
Of myself in a looking glass.

Often, we ask “Why?!” 
“How could have God allowed 
Him to die?!”

I don’t have the answers, I just sigh.

All our future milestones will be 
Watched from up high. 
When all I want is for you 
to be here by my side.

You won’t see me in a white dress,
Cheer me on for my success.
You can’t even meet your grandkids, who you’d bless.

You’re not able to calm me down 
When I start to bark. 
You’ll never witness the growing lines on my face, 
All of life’s marks.
When you died, 
you permanently took a piece of my heart.

I wish I could have one more kiss or hug.
I know you’re sending me one more 
With all of your love.

Our jokes and laughter keeps me smiling 
I know our love is forever binding. 
The lessons you taught me are always on my mind. 
I hold close to them and use them as my guide.
You taught me to be strong, compassionate, and kind.

You are forever etched in my mind and story. 
May you rest in peace and rise in glory.

I hope you can still feel the love I have for you.
 I miss you, yesterday, today and for all time.

Your babygirl, your strength, and your pride.

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