Playing House

By Sarah Amoros’ Ferguson (‘23)

give me your sorrows and
i will turn them into beautiful ballads
telling you only how you survived
but not how you suffered
because to relive a suffering moment
over and over
is enough to take your life away
i will write beautiful ballads of
how you conquered
about how you turned ash into stone
about how you built a home out of all the pieces
they could not burn
this time you got to choose the family
that got to eat at the table and sleep in the rooms
and those who left you burnt
will say that you are just playing house
if this is playing house
then i wish to play forever
i wish to capture the laughter within the walls
of the home that i made for myself
the home i made for us
if healing is playing house
then i will keep adding room after room
i will set the ceiling above the sky
if this is play
if this is imagination
then i know
that there are no limits
my home is full of
gods and goddesses
lifting each other higher
my home is filled with those
worthy and divine enough to dwell in it.

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