Second Chances

By Nevaeh Butler (’24)

I believe in second chances. Everyone on Earth will have at least one moment in their life where they are in need of a second chance. Everyone on Earth will have at least one moment in their life where they have to decide if they should give someone else a second chance. At some point in your life, you need to take a chance. A long time ago someone took a chance on me, and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. When I was younger, I used to judge people for everything, from how they looked to how they talked. I didn’t know the people I was judging; I only knew them from what was being said about them from the people at school. Years ago, while I was ice skating, I saw a girl I had heard about before, I thought she looked so mean when I didn’t even know her. We ended up on a cheer team together and I made no effort to be her friend or even nice to her. Months go by and by this time I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without her. This girl became my best friend, we did everything together. The first time I saw her I was so quick to judge her and be mean to her, come to find out she is the most loving, caring, and kind person I would ever meet. Even though I was never kind to her she gave me a second chance, a second chance I will forever be grateful for. Without her I wouldn’t be close to the person I am today because she taught me the importance of giving second chances. After learning from this experience, I started giving second chances and it changed my life. I made new friends, created new memories, experienced new things, and become a happier person overall. Deciding to give second chances on not only people, but activities and beliefs was life changing. It allowed me to truly live by the motto “live and learn, forgive and forget”. I believe in second chances because it has changed the way I think and live for the better.

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