When We See Each Other Again

By Tim Camelio (‘22)

In the dark, I start making images. We
Hang out together, have a really
Fun, relaxing time in a cool
Brisk room. We discuss what our we-
-ekends are like, how we left
Our classes before we’d pass our school-
Work in. The laughs we
Each share as the day lurks
On and it starts to get late.
The questions of what we’ll
Do after a year and a half passes strikes
Through my mind straight-
Away. I have the wonder where we
Will be next, where we could sing
What we’ve accomplished or sinned.
My mind drowns itself and I feel weak,
As I see time wearing thin,
Until I wake up in the dark again, ginned.
Tears in my eyes, I look up, wearily,
With the sad sax from the jazz
In my mind. My heart beats hotter than a sunny June
Day, as I remember those I used to see every week.
I silently hope as if our friendship would not die,
And I nod that we’ll see each other again soon.

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