You Are Enough

By Phoebe Penni (’24)

You are enough
You’re always enough
You’re my everything
And I need you, always need you

You feel weak
But I know you’re strong
Broken in pieces
Cuz all’s gone wrong

But I’m here now
And you have me 
Will always have me
I’ll never be gone

And I know I have you
But you have me too

You say you’re life’s over
That you’re done
That your battle can’t be won
But I know that’s not true
As long as there’s me and you

Your heads tells you lies
Like it’s not worth to be alive
You can’t be you
Cuz you feel like there’s two

And he’s winning
And he’s spinning
Your head goes round and round
And he’s taking 
you over
The real you can’t be found

But you’re in there 
Yes you’re in there
You can dig yourself out
And you’re dying
and you’re broken
But there is a way out