By Mary Christine Costantino (‘20)

something I ask myself if I will ever receive

treated differently because of who I am 
and the things I do

I wonder, how come I never obtain it?

Is it because of my “crazy” personality? 
or because I am “slow” with learning?

in order to acquire

I’m going to have to give people what they want 
but how will I do that without changing who I am?

is one thing I never really sense from others

the only time I witnessed it……….. 
was when my mom passed away

because of what I was going through

helping out as much as I could 
and being as independent as possible

because I had to grow up faster

I had to do things others didn’t have too 
it was like I was beginning a brand new life

I am looked at one way but not the other

oh how people can be so demeaning 
causing so much pain

try looking at me with a different set of eyes

a set that reaches my soul 
so you can see all that I have been through

do you now realize?

do you now see why I am so frustrated?
when you look at me like I am less than you

is something we all deserve

because everyone has a story 
and something they are currently battling

because of how I’ve been treated…..

I hope to always respect others 
to make them feel nor smaller nor greater than me; but equal

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