I am invisible.

No one ever sees her.
Unless she slaps her hair.
Smacking her gum mad loud.
While talking about a man who only got it out for her cuz she’s talked about in the hood.

My momma made the braids too tight.
The gum is getting stale but it’s keeping me alive. And this man of mine, he loves me.

She is overlysexualized.
Because no one knew her or her story.
They see a young black woman wrapped around some young man. With her booty shorts and green crop top.
Doesn’t she ever know how to cover up!

Which one is it?
Daddy never came home?
Did he beat on you when you did wrong?
Or was it mommy.
She brought that man over even if she knew what he would do to you. Touch you,
Kiss you,
Hug you,
And you were to blame!

Maybe if you weren’t so sexy looking. Put some damn clothes on.
You may be five in your undies, But you are luring him.

Luring him?
I am only wearing my pajamas.
Mommy why do you take his side?
Mommy why can’t you ever take my side?
Why can’t you help me succeed?
Mommy, your gendered and racist stereotypes are hurting this family.

And when she finally snapped. Screaming all over the place, Crying while pushing him away, It was,

Man what the fuck you doing!
You gotta chill yo!
No other man is gonna love you like I do. You a damn skank!

She was criminalized.
Deemed unsatisfied.
Unfit for her daughter who would soon live the same life she had just thrown away.

She was an angry black woman.

The story of a young black woman trying to succeed. Only for it to end in sorrow,
She weeps.