“Saxifrage is my Flower that Splits the Rocks”: Inspired by William Carlos Williams

By Caleb Cook (’25)

The rocks are overwhelming,
The gray coarse pebbles make it hard to breathe
Being swallowed up by a small yet insurmountable rubble
Drowning into a cold, unforgiving grave.

The rocks are overwhelming,
Although a flower starts to bloom
With an anger and tenacity
It spits in their face
With its beauty and performs a dance
Continuously in defiance of how it shouldn’t grow
The flower blossoms because it has to.

The rocks are overwhelming,
And through the sea of turmoil
The flower is as a lighthouse
A reminder that I can swim to shore.

The rocks are overwhelming,
But it doesn’t really seem to matter anymore
With you as my saxifrage
I finally feel as if I can win these wars.