Statue of Venus

By Brianna Duffy (‘23)

Oh, to see the wondrous glow behind
the draped crevices shadowed across her thighs. 
Her skin is no longer smooth — too many groping hands — 
the curve of her hip is man’s greatest contraband.

Dear Venus, great woman, where is your head?
This is not the first to be stolen by men. 
Where are your arms — they took them too?
Men take no chances; no woman can be spared to lose.

Dear Venus, our woman, do not be afraid for us. 
Your sisters weld armor and shed chains locked shut. 
Money, property, love, and body are returning to us — “greedy sluts.”

Young women have coined the phrase “The future is female.”
Although it sounds like one of those cursed pieces of chain mail,
I can’t help but think of a world where young girls have no worries about wearing pigtails.