Boston Sunday Globe March 13, 2022

By Brianna Duffy (‘23)

In your inbox every Saturday morning –
Another underdog to herald on St. Patrick’s Day –
The Memory Hackers.
It’s not quite Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
But the beat goes on.
Tangibly nurture you and your avocados,
Consider the owl and
the pussycat’s favorite utensil — the runcible spoon.
Shape-shift to suit The Runcible.
Leave home for the comfort of strangers:
the vision is a surprisingly pragmatic way to combat
endemic loneliness.
It’s messiness, intensity, and quirkiness –
a memory of hot gray gravel –
standing in your kitchen –
the bright joy of a birthday cake.
The price of Freedom?
$5 a gallon gets you more than just a full tank.

The ways Ukraine and Russia treat the press are a telling
timetable for tragedy; it’s
something that is usable, but just barely.
Something on its last legs –
a word in need of a definition.
Come to the edge of the parking lot (without opposable thumbs).
The Runcible — a string rising to the ceiling from the top of your head.